From Artisan Roots to Global Innovation: The Evolution of Dom Ceramiche to Dom Design Lab

Dom Ceramiche’s journey began in the 2000s, originating as a brand deeply rooted in artisanal traditions and a commitment to authentic materiality. This approach set the foundation for a series of partnerships with both Italian and international designers, fostering a creative space that led to the production of unique and innovative collections. One of the hallmark creations from these collaborations is “Genesi,” which was developed with designer Gennaro Avallone and stands as the first product under the brand.

Over the years, Dom Ceramiche has engaged in numerous other collaborations with renowned professionals like Gianluca Soddu, Catherine Bracconnier, and Terry Pecora, among others. Each partnership has contributed to the brand’s reputation for innovative design and quality.

Transitioning into a new era, Dom Ceramiche has evolved into Dom Design Lab, reflecting a shift towards adapting and forecasting future trends. This transformation aims to enhance their service by marrying creativity with efficiency, ensuring they remain at the forefront of design innovation.

Today, Dom Design Lab operates under the umbrella of Victoria PLC, a multinational corporation known for its innovative flooring products. This association marks a significant step in Dom Design Lab’s journey, offering them a platform for global reach and technological advancement, promising a new phase of growth and challenge.