Sichenia Gruppo Ceramiche – a manufacturer of porcelain stoneware floorings and single fire coatings

Sichenia Gruppo Ceramiche, established in the early 1970s, has become a stalwart in the ceramics industry through its continuous growth and dedication to innovation. As a manufacturer of porcelain stoneware floorings and single fire coatings, Sichenia has expanded its product lines to include both indoor and outdoor environments, always emphasizing the pursuit of quality and aesthetic excellence.

The company’s production processes are highly automated and efficient, a result of its progressive technology investments and a constant focus on improving product quality. These efforts have made Sichenia a recognized name not only in Italy but internationally, with products that are synonymous with quality, reliability, and innovation.

Underpinning Sichenia’s success are the core values of “Made in Italy,” which represent not just the origin, but also the artistic and cultural ethos of the Italian people. The brand embodies creativity, passion, and a profound appreciation for beauty, all of which are evident in their diverse and aesthetically superior product offerings.