Mutina -Osso & Bottone

Osso & Bottone is the first Mutina collection intended explicitly for outdoor environments, but it also works perfectly indoor. Designed by Ronan Bouroullec, it represents a significant innovation in ceramicusage and versatility.

The idea stems from traditional materials historically used to cover outdoor floors. The research aimed to identify a finish that, in addition to meeting the technical requirements for outdoor flooring, also ensured a pleasant appearance suitable for indoor application.

Based on these premises, combining tradition and technology, Osso & Bottone was born. The names derive from the shapes it evokes, inspired by the slightly contoured configuration of the pieces it is made of Ronan intervened on the ceramic elements with a symbolic gesture, “cutting” the traditional rectangle to give life to unique forms.

These shapes, in their absence, welcome the grout and create coloured patterns that—thanks to the precious play of light and shadow—make the composition dynamic. The result is an optical vibration capable of confusing the original geometries and opening a dialogue between thecollection and the natural world it faces.