Founded in 1992 by Umberto Gessi along with his son Gian Luca, the Company began as a small workshop with the goal of challenging the industry status quo dominated by historic names.

Armed with a clear vision of change and innovation, the Gessi family has pioneered new, ground-breaking business philosophies managing to quickly develop into one of the most sophisticated and vertically integrated manufacturing companies in its product category worldwide with a brand that has become synonymous with superior design and technology.

In the spirit of innovation, and to challenge the conventions Gessi began with a revolutionary idea: to transform a traditional product such as the common faucet into a designer object with sophisticated functions and forms.

The Gessi designer faucets are décor objects with a personality all of their own. Objects that make a significant contribution to any environment, in terms of image and style.

Instead of thinking of a faucet as the final functional element in a purely utilitarian environment, Gessi took a new approach. Now the environment itself is designed around the faucet. “Where do I want the water to come from?” That is the question that the Company asks. The results are complete freedom in the design of decorative bathroom and kitchen plumbing, with unique floor-mounted, wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted faucets.