Eco Ceramica

Eco Ceramica deals with the production of porcelain and artistic ceramic tiles and has been operating on the Italian and international market for over 30 years. Bathroom, kitchen, outdoor and indoor tiles of ECO Ceramica have a distinctive historical and aesthetic mark, which is an element of identity in all collections.

Always attentive to tradition and to the evolution of modernity, ECO Ceramica developed several lines of products both at an industrial and artisan level, proposing solutions suited to various environments and styles.

Eco Ceramica’s handmade and artistic tiles are embellished with manual decorations, paying great attention to details. Our tiles are handmade and hand decorated by master ceramists with over 30 years of experience, combining a centuries-old tradition of ceramics with a strongly creative and modern drive. Within the handcrafted collections there are also handmade terracotta floors, made according to tradition.