Ceramica Flaminia

Ceramica Flaminia has been producing ceramic sanitary ware for 70 years. Collaborating with some of the most prestigious international designers, it focuses on innovating the bathroom environment and creating items of the highest quality. All phases of product development, from prototyping to production, are conducted in-house. This begins with modeling, where design ideas are brought to life manually, in close collaboration with designers, maintaining the care typical of an artisan workshop.

All production takes place in the company’s factories located in the Civita Castellana district, covering every step from prototyping and modeling to casting, enameling, and firing. This complete cycle upholds the traditions and quality of Made in Italy, enabling successful exports to over 70 countries globally.

Production is exclusively carried out in Italy, blending industrial phases with sophisticated and modern production facilities, alongside manual interventions where craftsmanship expertise is essential.

The high technological level combined with experienced craftsmanship forms the basis of the company’s production excellence, emblematic of traditional Italian design companies. Efficiency, quality, research, and innovation mark the Flaminia brand as one of the most prestigious exemplars of “Italian know-how”, recognized and respected worldwide.